Integrated Data Services

Combined Data and Voice Solutions can be delivered with the handoff of your choice. Analog, Digital or both.


DynaLink's Integrated T1 Access Services provides combined data and voice/telecom services - all in a single package, and custom configured for your requirements.


Every turnkey system provides a large 1.54 Mbps of transfer to handle the most demanding data, voice, and Internet needs over a single line. This combination eliminates the need for multiple lines and vendors that can reduce overall reliability.


  •  High-speed, "always-on" Internet access
  •  Flexibility to modify mix of voice and data
  •  Ability to keep existing phone numbers
  •  One service, one bill, one number to call
  •  Reduction of overall network costs


Integrated services can be bundled with local and long distance voice, data, and Internet access, at a competitive fixed monthly price.

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