Simplified Communication, Anywhere.

Get a phone system that is advanced, reliable, and ready to use in minutes.

Its Simpler, Better, & More Affordable.

Instead of you having a closet full of equipment, the installation and the maintenance overhead, we'll have that all hosted by us. Best of all, it's accessible wherever there is an Internet connection.

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Plug & Dial

Works Anywhere

Radical Savings

DynaLink professional engineers will set up your phones and ship them out, you'll just need to plug them into an Internet line and you're all set to go. Go ahead & place your call right out of the box...

With DynaLink Hosted Phone System you'll have access to your business phones everywhere, from your Smart phone or tablet  to your actual phone, all you need is an Internet connections.

Dynalink has cost-effective hosting plans that will make you drop your old PBX system, and of course when you don't have all those messy wires you have much  less maintenance expenses.

"A DynaLink agent directed me to a telephone console that suited my office needs. I am so thankful to him, it was just what my company needed."

Bob James

"The premise is simple. Plug in the phones to the Internet, configure the system via a Web portal, and voilà!"

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DynaLink was established by

a multi-million dollar supplier and installer of communications equipment, that has provided quality services to the New York area since 1973

Careful consideration was taken in our site selection to minimize risk from natural disasters such as: Earthquakes, Hurricane, tornadoes, floods, etc.  Furthermore, our geographic diversity provides an added level of security that greatly helps to minimize risk of loss or downtime

Get the help you deserve 24 hours from our fully-trained team of telephony experts. For no additional charge, you can reach us anytime, anywhere via phone, email or chat to get friendly, detailed answers to your burning questions.

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